End of Semester ...

I have neglected the blog like I so often do. I don't even know who reads this. If you read this, can you tell me? :D It's the end of the semester and I'm working on several things. Revising a short story for my fiction workshop, it's called "Ibaraki Story" and based on my time in Ibaraki, Japan, but it's mostly fictional. Also have a 15 page comparative and research paper due for my postcolonial women's lit class. I'm comparing the novels of Mariama Bâ and Assia Djebar, So Long a Letter and A Sister to Scheherazade. Then I have submission deadlines for poetry. I'm submitting several poems to an anthology called Other Tongues: Mixed Race Women Speak Out. I get the sense that they are really emphasizing the "speaking out" part and my poems are more subtle, but I'll submit anyway.

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