Kimochi Warui

Today it was nearly summer weather, yet I stayed in all day. I could have at least taken a walk around Doho Koen. I had the worst cough all last night and just felt like crap this morning, so I decided not to go to Tokyo for the Career Seminar. I'm really disappointed that I didn't go, but I don't think I would have enjoyed the crowded train for 2 hours, while coughing and hacking.

I think I needed some rest anyway after the first 2 weeks of school. The only place I went today was Kasumi to get some food for dinner. I only have 3,000 yen til pay day (I don't know how that happened-- maybe my shopping spree in Harajuku on pay day?!) I didn't buy any fun foods today. Just the basics-- carrots, onion, bell pepper, hamburger meat and avocado. I was feeling like eating something American tonight. In the meat section I saw the most interesting and disgusting thing-- an obasan who was serving sausage samples had made an animal sausage tree. It was a tree-- something you'd use to hang easter eggs-- and it had all over its branches cut up sausages connected together with toothpicks in the shape of dogs, cats and pinwheels. I couldn't help but say "sick" under my breath, a moment later another customer carted by, looked at the sausage tree and also said "sick," but in Japanese, "kimochi warui."