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This time last year and the year before I was spending the Thanksgiving holiday in Tsukuba, Ibaraki, trying to get my students enthused in the traditions of Turkey day. I remember once in my classes at 並木 高校, I showed them pictures of the Macy's parade online, trying in vain to get them excited about big balloons of cartoon characters they didn't know. As I clicked on each picture, while they were sitting quietly at their desks, looking at their screens, I tried soooo hard to be excited about Rocky & Bullwinkle! The Turkey! Some Random Marching Band! Oooh, Oooh, Spiderman~~ you all know the new Spiderman movie, right?!

Although, every year we have the parade on in the background of our Turkey day preparations, that's not enough to feel that, hey, it's Thanksgiving. You have to be at home with family, wake up to the spicy smell of pumpkin pies baking and listen (however passively) to the somewhat cheesy, but oh so requisite parade sounds.

(Right now Elmo, Big Bird, The Grouch and all the Sesame Street Crew are singing!)

Happy Thanksgiving!

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